Telling His Story

Jerusalem was chaotic. Saul was searching homes for believers and dragging them off to prison. He even allowed the Israelites to stone Stephen because his words about the Holy Spirit convicted and incensed them. As Stephen was being killed, his last words were a prayer. He asked the Lord not to charge them with his death. The story of Jesus’ love and forgiveness would not end with Stephen. He made sure of it.

All of this persecution of the Jerusalem church made believers, except the apostles, flee to other parts of Judea and Samaria. But they scattered with a purpose! They went and preached everywhere! The story of Jesus and His plan to redeem them did not end with them. They made sure of it.

As I read this touching story of Stephen and the church’s desire to continue the gospel, I realize that it was the Holy Spirit in them that enabled them to carry on His story. As believers, we are story tellers and preachers. No matter the circumstances, we can tell The Story so it will not end with us.

Therefore, those who were scattered went everywhere preaching the word. Acts 8:4

Have a wonderful Monday! Love and prayers, always,


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