A to Z of Calvary

Awaited atonement for all
Began when the broken body of Jesus
Christ was crowned at Calvary then crucified. He
Died, not deserving the desertion by almost
Everyone. He exacted our eternity, by earning,
Forgiving our debt of sin, fulfilling
God’s generous gift of
His son, hung to heal hearts with
Iniquity inside.
Jesus, Jehovah, “The
King of the Jews,” was buried, and
Lay dead in linen three days, then lived! So
Miraculous, this moment of marvelous
News that we needed!
Out of the tomb, the ousted
Prince of Peace arose, when the
Quake qualified Him as the quintessential
Rock, Redeemer and rescuer of our
Sinful souls. The sinless Savior
Traded the tomb, terminating death for
Us, a universal undertaking and unqualified
Valiant effort turned victorious
With a waged war won! His
Xemplary life is an extraordinary example to
You and me. Yahweh is our
Zealous hero!

Happy Good Friday! Jesus is Risen! He did what He said He would do. He is alive!

Love from Our Father to you all,


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