Choosing God

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I opened randomly to the book of Jeremiah and started reading; I found myself in the middle of a dramatic story. God was mad at Judah! Why? It was because they were worshipping other gods. Apparently, Israel and Judah broke the covenant with God! They had so many gods! “As many gods as you have towns,” God told them. (Jeremiah 11: I3 NIV) I would be mad, too, if someone I loved and made a promise with, turned against me, especially to gods made by human hands. What could wooden or golden or metal creations do for someone anyhow? Jeremiah quotes God as saying,

“They have returned to the sins of their ancestors, who refused to listen to my words. They have followed other gods to serve them,” Jeremiah 11:10 NIV

Can I be real here?…don’t we do the same thing in a way? Do we go on social media to catch up on how everyone is doing and spend too much time there? Do we spend more time watching tv than reading our Bible, when we need to relax? Do we spend more time making our own plans than praying for God’s guidance? We may even watch and talk about the news more than we read and talk about The Good News. We choose our own ways and sources of being served, entertained and counseled, rather than always looking to God. I am not saying these things are wrong at all, but our proportion of time can make these things our gods in a way.

I am always harder on myself than anyone else, so no judgement here. I am guilty of letting other things besides God soothe me when I am down or life feels chaotic. My goal is to defend God and His need for our love, time and attention also. Let’s be careful about where we go for comfort:)

I love you all. Thanks for accepting my simple words, in an effort to glorify and love on our awesome God:)


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