A Prayer for the USA

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Peace is not an easy-to-achieve blessing. We have to ask God, serve others, compromise, change and work together on a common goal, in order to make it happen. It takes all of us. It is my prayer that we do put down swords and lift up our hands and hearts in prayer.

Choosing Peace

Guide our leaders, Lord we pray.
Help them as they start each day.

Send them wisdom from above.
Let them know that they are loved.

When it comes to policy,
let them not so hostile be.

When they start to fuss and fight,
send them peace to make things right.

Show them how to work things out,
so peace will reign as love wins out.

May we play a part as well,
encourage peace among ourselves.

Knowing right and doing wrong,
we all have bickered far too long.

We, a nation must unite,
drop our swords and do things right.

Teach us Lord Thy will to see
and give us grace abundantly.

A hurting nation at unrest
needs all of you to do their best.

Give us eyes that we may see
the path that leads to unity.

©Copyright 2021 Christina Crute

With love from our awesome Father to you,


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