I am Not afraid

Forest, Fog, Trees, Aesthetic, Weird, Mystical
I Am Not Afraid

Standing on the edge of darkness,
Hoping soon to see the way.
Standing still so I can hear Him,
Words my Savior soon will say.

Clouds above are tightly gathered,
Lending nothing to my plight.
Jesus whispers, “I am with you.
Trust and let me be your guide.”

Now I’m not afraid, no not afraid.
Though the path’s unknown
He’s still on the throne,
So I’m not alone.
Praise God. I am never alone.

I’m not afraid. He takes my hand.
His wonders never cease.
The mighty King has taken fear
Replaced it with His peace.

In His light, I now can see
in the middle of my night.
Fear no longer has a hold
I’m bravely walking in His light.

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