You Are Mine

Church Window, Stained Glass, England

Here is a song I wrote that I will put a tune to, soon. Have a great day belonging to our Shepherd:)

Noise down in my soul, taking space from You.
Quiet me as only You can do.
Lord, I need Your love. Comfort me somehow.
Grant me peace as only You know how.

Bring me to your side, tell me I am loved
Hold me in your Shepherd arms tonight.
Whisper to my soul. Tell me You are God.
Tell me that you’ll see me through this fight.

I can see your hands, loving nail-scarred hands.
You’re the reason I don’t have to die.
You died on the cross, took the place of me.
Now my home’s located in the sky.

Father hear my plea, less of me, more of Thee.
You have won the victory,
over death, over all that the world will throw on me.
Speak into my soul as only You can do,

I know that You are mine.
I hear You call my name.
I hear You in the quiet of my soul.
You are always close, when I cannot see.
You will rescue me with peace divine.
For You are mine, yes, mine; You are mine.
For You are mine, yes, mine; You are mine.

©copyright 2021 Christina Crute

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