Wisdom Comes in the Rain

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Though we have not had much actual rain lately, we can count on the fact that it will come eventually. God will provide:) In the same way, we have storms of life and God will provide what we need to get through them. What we need is Him! I love storms because they show God’s power in a way that we can physically see and touch and taste and hear and even smell. Storms affect all the senses. You may find me at the front door staring out at a storm, as it makes me marvel. I do not like the damage they cause, but I trust that God has a reason for everything.

I hope you like this poem. I wrote it after a storm a couple of years ago and thought it appropriate for our dry season. God will send rain. He knows we need it. He cares.When our figurative storms or trials come, and they will, we can glory in the storm, knowing who is right there with us! He is able to get us through!We can learn a lot from the raindrops:)

Love to all,


Wisdom Comes in the Rain

Rain’s torrential showers pour down on me.
Great currents gust and threaten to destroy.
Weather troubles here, I’m promised in His word
He has plans for me,
This gives me joy.
He is with me in these storms I can’t avoid.

So let the rains pour and let the winds blow.
Joy from the Lord will come to cover me.
Making me happy, soaking in the “Son-shine.”
So let the rains pour!
And let the winds blow!

God will speak in storms if I just listen.
I will hear thoughts higher than my own.
As I am on Earth ; He is in heaven,
His thoughts will come to guide me from the throne.
I can weather anything.
I am not alone.

Oh, golden thoughts riding on rain drops,
whispered in the wind to help me know,
from his heart to mine, messages divine.
Wisdom comes.
Love rains down to tell me, time to grow.

© Copyright 2021 Christina Crute

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