Staying Connected

Several years ago my phone taught me a lesson, after it drove me crazy, that is! No matter how many times I unplugged the charger cord and reinserted it, my phone would not charge! Even different cords wouldn’t produce a charge. There was just no power getting to it.

Finally, and this is very embarrassing, I checked the electrical outlet. Aha! It wasn’t charging because it wasn’t plugged into the wall, to its source of power. It must have gotten knocked out when I moved the shelf.

There was a time in the past, like a phone, that I had used all of my energy and needed a recharge by God. I tried everything to produce a charge and nothing would work for very long. I kept running out of power, positivity, energy, even zeal for God. I would go to church, read my devotions, do things for others, listen to praise music, but something was still missing. I felt emotionally high at times because I loved the Lord, but felt weak when I needed a spiritual connection to get me through my tough days. The connection just wasn’t there. I wondered what I was doing wrong or not doing, because my “charge” didn’t last long enough.

Finally, in desperation, I sat down at my desk with no distractions in the room, meaning no tv, no music, no food, no phone. I read my Bible and I prayed. I asked God to get me re-connected to Him. It worked! I felt connected to Him again! It was not His fault that I lacked a connection. It was my fault for running my life on my own power and energy. I had not been plugged in to His power and energy. It took me asking for the connection and reading my Bible and praying, to find my true power source.

So simple isn’t it? Yet, there I was, trying so hard to make the charge happen on my own! My phone taught me something very important that day…

Prayer is like a charger cord and His Word is the power. Together, they fill us with what God, knows we need.

Unlike a phone, we need not wait until we feel low in energy, to get charged up. Daily Bible reading and studying God’s truths, plus prayer with an emphasis on sitting with the Lord, being in His presence, communing with Him…all these will allow God to be in control of our energy and strength. He is faithful to give us what we need when we need it! It is all about staying connected all the time.

We need to remember…It’s not about what WE do to get the joy but what we allow God to do when we plug in. He speaks to us in prayer and through His Word. God wants that connection with us. He is up for the job of charging us up , but we have to do the job of getting plugged in to Him through prayer to get any power.

Hope this both makes sense and encourages you to put yourself in position to receive all you need from our Father. Don’t be like me and try to charge yourself up,lol!

Love and prayers to you today and always:)


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