Tell it Now

two women reading and study bible  in home and pray together. two women reading and study bible  in home and pray together. bible  stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

I wrote this free verse, of sorts, because I feel such an urgency in my heart to tell others about Jesus. With our world being so volatile, for lack of a better word, the need for Jesus seems more urgent than ever! The question is….why don’t I do it more? What if someone remains lost because I didn’t tell them about Jesus and what He did for me? It scares me a bit. Does witnessing sort of scare you too?

Since writing this, I have prayed and realized, we can pray for opportunities to tell others and God will definitely answer that prayer. He did that for me recently! I honestly believe He tailor-makes opportunities for shy ones like me, outgoing ones, bold people too. He made us with all kinds of different personalities and He can use all of them for His glory. If we tell Him we want to tell others, He will give us a chance to eat our words or feed them to the hungry:) His Word is filling to everyone!

So many questions roll around in my head.
How much am I doing for Christ?
Shouldn’t I tell that there’s really a hell?
So nobody has to die?

I am saved for heaven by Jesus’ grace.
His forgiveness is God’s design.
But do I tell everyone about our dear Lord,
That He is a friend of mine?

What about those who don’t even know
Jesus can give them peace?
Can I sleep at night, just feeling right
When someone has such a need?

The answer is ,I am ready to move
In a much needed, better direction.
I don’t dare fight it, or keep it quiet,
My heart’s true and pressing reflection.

Show up or shut up. Know what I mean?
Time to speak from the heart.
Give a loud cry, don’t hide what’s inside.
Today is a great place to start.

The theme is “Show and tell for the world,”
It’s time to fight for the right.
Let no one miss out, without a doubt,
on God’s love and guiding light.

Why do this, you ask? Because our Lord,
He showed up, He shut up sin.
His blood paid the price, our sin’s sacrifice.
Now we can have Him within!

Tell it now, for the love of your brother,
Your sister, your friends you hold dear.
They deserve the chance, a love circumstance.
Tell them what they need to hear.

Tell it now, tell it now!
God will show you how, Tell it now!

©copyright 2021 Christina Crute

I hope you have a wonderful day! May God bless our words we use for His glory:)


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