Right and Wrong and the Liar

Happy Thursday! Here is today’s devotion, a poem , possible song.

I couldn’t sleep so I wrote this poem in the wee hours this morning, with my cousin’s words and theme.

Jim Dalton …here ya go. Thanks for asking me to do this with you!

Right and Wrong and the Liar

What Satan says is right, is always wrong.
Each time he lies to you, don’t play along. The best thing you can do Is tell him what is true.
Though you are often weak, your God is strong.

Through each and every day, we have to pray.
Our God will make our temptor go away.
The enemy may knock , but lean on God your rock.
And tell the liar , “This is not your day.”

As humans we will sin, forgiveness need.
That’s why Jesus died upon the tree.
His gift that never ends is the cure for all our sin.
If we but choose to let him live within.

We have a choice to make of wrong or right.
We can run to sin or run to light.
We must remember this, so truth we never miss,
God’s Word is what will always win the fight!

So, as my life is drawing to a close,
I’m heaven-bound because of who I chose .
My Jesus is to me, the only thing I need.
The enemy and liar has no hold on me.

Optional chorus?…
Enemy, you’re wrong, but I won’t fear. Jesus tells the truth straight in my ear.
So go ahead and give me your best shot. Cuz God is everything that you are not.

It’s about two in the morning, but I just had to work on this. Hope it makes sense and honors God, and my cousin’s words.

Love you all. Have a great day, not listening to you-know-who’s lies!

Love you , cousin Jim Dalton! Love your heart!


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