Do. Not. Fear.

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DO. NOT. FEAR. How many times have we read or heard those words? How many times have we failed to heed them? As for me, lots!

I try to make sense of things that scare me, but sometimes, we just have to trust God and hold on. What I mean is… it is easier said than done. The same for you?

I keep reading Isaiah 41:10, which says this:

So do not fear, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Since I want to NOT fear, I want to get all I can out of this verse. One method I often use, that one of my pastors taught me, to understand the scriptures better, is to break them down in to small pieces. I also pray and talk to God during during the verse! This is my attempt to get every single grain of meaning to apply to my life. I hope it makes sense and helps you as it helps me:

“So do”

God says. “I want you to DO what I am about to say.” (In my mind…Okay, Lord , what do you want me to do?)

“Not fear”…

God says, “This is what I want from you, do not do fear.” (In my mind…”Wow, not at all, God?”)

God is saying not to go where our minds naturally want to go, to fear, or if it does go there, remember who He is. He is God and His strength is available to us and so is His awesome right hand!

Those three simple words, DO NOT FEAR, are very difficult to enact when we go through unexpected and unwanted trials. We are human after all. However, those three little words are our lifeline. We do not need to fear because if God told us not to, then He has a better solution to our problems than fearing them. It is to lean on Him, use His strength and guidance and have faith. He loves us and WILL get us through the impossible.

Those 3 little words? They may as well be “I love you.” God loves us so much that He will always be there with us, in the good times and bad. If you could choose one person to be there with you in trials, wouldn’t God be the perfect choice? Only He can give us a holy calm in the midst of fear. Only He can make us strong when we are weak and unable to hold ourselves up. Only He is worthy of praise for the amazing way He looks after His children.

Do Not Fear…those three little words from God hold a guarantee that we can make it through any storm with Him holding us.

I Am With You…those four little words from God hold a guarantee that we are never alone. His Word is true, so that is a promise from Him!

For I Am Your God…those five little words promise us that He is committed to us. He belongs to us!

I Will Strengthen you And Help You…those seven little words tell us how we will get through the trial, with HIS strength!

I Will Uphold You With My Righteous Right Hand…those nine little words are a continuation of His promise that we can use His strength. God explains that He will make US strong!

So many promises and guarantees in that verse! What more do we need? I hope these promises help you if you are going through a struggle or tough decision. Just remember, God understands what You are going through and has offered, personally, to help you by giving You strength. What a loving God we serve!

Have a great day. God is there with you:)

Christina Crute

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