Let me Count the Days

Calendar, Date, Time, Month, Week

“O Lord, make me know my end and what is the measure of my days; let me know how fleeting I am! Psalm 39:4 ESV

I am not sure exactly what date I went to our church’s Kid’s Camp, but I believe it was late June in 1972. I was nine years old when I went there and accepted Jesus as my Savior and He accepted me! That is about 49 years of serving Him and as of today, about 17,921 days. Soon, it will be 20,000 days! Wow…Jesus has carried me a long time. (WAY more than I deserved!)

The numbers are shocking, but you know what? I realize they are nothing for me to be proud of. God gave me the days. All I did was do what we all do. We do our best to navigate this world the best we know how. I praise Him for His How often I failed Him and how often I had to say, “I am sorry.”

No matter how many days we have with God, God loves us all the same. We can measure the days we spent with God, but better yet is to measure the days we WILL SPEND with Him!

Our days with Him on earth are a drop in the bucket to the number of days we will live with Him in heaven. Can you wrap your head around that? I can’t! But, you know what? It is a huge number, way above 20,000 days! There will be no need for clocks or calendars in heaven, however, because time has no end there!

All in all, It is not really about the numbers, but WHO is our number one. (We, silly humans, like to put numbers on things ) Speaking of numbers, God wants to be our number ONE. I hope and pray you can see and count all the good He has done in your life. I hope He is your number ONE. If not, today is a great day to count to One! There is just no one like our God, is there? We can count ourselves very, very blessed!

With love from our Father to you,


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