Worth it All

While reading in Luke 12 about one of many times crowds gathered to see and hear Jesus, I tried to imagine if I was in that crowd. Can you do that? Can you imagine what it would be like to be among tens of thousands of people who all want the same thing…Jesus? What road did you take to get there? Was your trip long, dusty and hot? Did it seem to take you forever? What motivated you to go follow the mob to try and get to Jesus?

My mind goes to Christmas time when mobs come early to stores to find the elusive and often limited great deals. I’ve seen people sleeping outside the store so that they can get what they want so badly. Often the line of people stretches around the store, and the people volley for position in line, wanting to get in the store before all the tv’s or i-phones or video game players are gone. Neither lack of sleep, crowds or time matters, because it will be worth it to get something at a great price, right?

(I have done the Black Friday shopping one time. That was all it took to know it was not for me. Kudos to those who like the challenge!)

All the effort put into getting what we want…Do we do that with Jesus? Do whatever it takes to get to Him? Do we see Him as the best present ever? Are we determined to be with Him, no matter how much time it takes? What about our money or our hearts? Are we looking to bargain with Him or do we give Him everything? Do we go out of our way to go HIS way?

I read the verse below no less than ten times and I am just…overwhelmed at the enthusiasm of the crowd depicted in Luke 11! Would that I would be so enthusiastic and risk being trampled, not to buy presents, but to be in the presence of Jesus!

Meanwhile, when a crowd of many thousands had gathered, so that they were trampling on one another, Jesus began to speak. Luke 12:1a NIV

That’s really all I wanted to share. Half of a verse about craving Jesus. That half of a verse is wholly encouraging! When we come to Jesus, He does indeed talk to us and guide us in this life, through God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.

It is worth any price to have Jesus in our life, yet HE is the one who gave all. He thought WE were worth it:)

Dear Jesus,

As I am reading about the crowds who gathered to see You, I can sense their excitement! I, too, want to see You, hear You, be near You always. What You say changes lives. It changed mine! One day, we who You changed, will see You again! One day, I will be in the crowd standing around You! I love You, Jesus! Thank You for loving me. Amen

May you have a blessed day being with Jesus:)


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