Filled To Overflowing

Water, Hands, Abundance, Cold, Full

May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you. 1 Thessalonians 3:12 NIV

Yesterday we talked about being connected to Jesus. Being connected to Him brings fruit that benefits others and glorifies God. It makes sense and I get it, but something about that connection mystifies me still. I do not get how Jesus can put more love in our hearts than we can handle. When we fully accept our need for Him, in humility knowing we can do nothing without Him, we are in the perfect place to accept as much love as He can give…and that’s a lot!

Love is the fertilizer for much growth. And boy does Jesus fill our hearts with love! He does not just give US love, but He gives us unending love that spills out to others. It cannot be contained and why would we try to do that anyway? Sometimes my heart feels so full that I literally stop and ask Him, “What do I do with all this passion for You and others? How do I control it?”

He tells me, “Keep doing what You are doing. Lean on me. I will show You as I show You.”

What a wonderful joy that comes from knowing we can do something to please Him and glorify the Father! We are self-centered and imperfect but He can still use us, when we use His love. All we have to do is reach up with our hands and hearts out to receive more of Him. On that note… I wrote this little poem just now.


Connected by a bond beyond what words can tell,

My Savior’s love for me, like an ocean made to swell.

It would be impossible to keep it to myself.

I have to spill out now and love above all else.

Jesus works that way and fills our hearts completely,

So much, we overflow to those who are most needy.

Take my hands, my mouth, my feet, God’s glory to fulfill.

Make all of me a tool of love that’s sharpened for Your will.

©2021Christina Crute

May you have a blessed day and a heart full of love from our generous Savior and God!


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