It’s Time to Praise Him!

Folks, I have been absent a bit and have missed writing. You know how life hits you hard and it kind of stops you in your tracks? Yeah, that happened to us this last month. However…no matter what is going on in our lives, what emotions, doubts or insecurities we may face…it is ALWAYS time to praise the Lord! Why? He has never failed us yet! He always hears us! He loves us! He has a plan for us! He died for us!

So…on that note….

This is a poem I wrote while looking out my office window at a mountain. Mountains always make me think of Jesus and Mt. Calvary. It was just a hill, but oh, what a mountain of clove was spilled there!

My office window frames a scene
scene of peaks with purple hue
hue that brings to mind your mount
Mount Calvary, I love you true.

Upon your hill, the world was changed
changed when Jesus paid sin’s due
due to grace spilled on your mount
Mount Calvary, I love you true.

I long to see you, mountain friend
friend that quaked as mercy grew
grew by volumes on your mount
Mount Calvary, I love you true.

copyright © 2021 Christina Crute

Dear Jesus,

Looking at a beautiful mountain makes me think of the hill you died on. But then You lived again and still do! Thank You for what You did for me that day, before I even knew I needed YouThere are millions of thank-yous I owe You. Please see inside my heart and know how grateful I am. Your birthday is coming up. What can I do for You to show how much I love You? Please bless all my friends and family and church with Your loving care as we navigate a tough time in our country. Help us to still be like You, even more so and love others as You love us. Amen

Friends, have a wonderful Lord’s Day! With love from the Father to you…


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