Just a Thought…

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 Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NIV

Hey all:) I thought a note might be in order. Not to get too personal, but I wanted to put it out there that the reason I haven’t posted super consistently lately is I was dealing with life/health stuff. I am sure you have that stuff too, that makes you want to dive in, handle it and let everything else go on the back burner for awhile? My problem was, and is, I am independent and a planner, so when my plans go awry and life stuff happens, it throws me a bit. Well, honestly a lot!

Does that happen to you? I should not be surprised because, well, it’s a fact of life. Not all plans work out. Unfortunately, when they don’t it is a great time for the enemy to tell you to give up and give in to the stress. He LOVES it when we worry ourselves into inactivity. (He made me worry myself into not writing because I was so stressed. Grr…)

What he won’t tell you…is to praise God and have hope! Accept the changes, delays and winding path as an adventure. If our plans do not work out, I am convinced there is a reason for it. I will not begin to tell you what reason that is, because every situation is different and sometimes we never know the reason, right? That is sometime a hard pill to swallow for me. We have to accept that whatever God allows, He will take us through. That’s what I DO know for sure.

Dear Father God, Thank you for being my hope. When I get “sidetracked” into thinking that worrying will help me handle a trial, please nudge me to look up and see hope from you. It’s still hard for me to process that you are God and you love me, but I know you do! Thank you for your plans for me, whatever they may be. I love you! Amen.

Have a wonderful day. I am praying for you all to have peace in your trials and joy in your heart:)…Tina

2 thoughts on “Just a Thought…

  1. Wow! There you go again talking to me and encouraging me in the Father’s love. At one time or another we will all have setbacks but God always gives us an amazing comeback.
    Thank you! ❤ 🙏


    1. Thank you for commenting and letting me know that this meant something to you! When I first started writing a couple of years ago that was my main intent.. for us to encourage each other. In this crazy world we sure do need it!


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