Love Beyond Measure

Good Morning! Happy Wednesday! Here is a poem for today! August 17, 2022

How many oceans would I need to cross,
to equal the breadth of God’s care for the lost?

How many skylines would I need to span,
to equal the length of God’s mercy for man?

How many valleys need I travel down,
to equal the depth of God’s grace that abounds?

How many mountains would I need to climb,
to equal the height of God’s love so divine?

God’s Word tells us this. His love has no end.
It’s way beyond knowledge on which we depend.

So we can’t measure, nor easily grasp,
the great things of God, like His love unsurpassed

That’s a great treasure for you and for me,
that love beyond measure, He doles out for free!

We cannot easily grasp the measure of God’s love because His love is endless. And that is a treasure of endless measure! There’s no other treasure like His love!
Ephesians 3

With love from the Father to you, have a wonderful day in the Lord,


Copyright 2020-2022 Christina Crute

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