Praying the Soul

 Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17 NIV

This may sound like a strange title, but I could think of no better way to describe how to pray from the soul. Last Monday, we searched our souls by applying God’s Word to them. After searching, we may have found some things we need to pray about, so today, let’s learn how to Pray the Soul.

First things first, we ALL need to pray, in good times bad times or somewhere in-between. Communication with God is our lifeline. We will become spiritually dead without it. That sounds dire, huh? It really is vital that we talk to God from our souls. Here are some ways to do that, so we can grow spiritually and do God’s will as we were meant to do. Grab your journal or just consider these…

1.Prepare the practice of prayer. With your own situation in mind, list some ways you can make it easy and convenient to pray. For example, I leave my Bible, journal, pen and a couple devotionals out each night. I leave a sticky note pad out for things the Lord brings to mind while I read His Word. What things can YOU do?

2. Prepare your soul. This is what we did last week, searched our souls. This prepares us to be able to receive whatever He wants to tell us. He always speaks, if we are quiet and obedient to listen and expect His voice. Open your soul to His inspection and let Him in. What do you want to thank Him for? What situation do you have that requires His authority and divine help?

3. Practice prayer every chance you get. Practice while you are driving, (but don’t close your eyes,) Practice while you are housecleaning, cooking, doing laundry, remember your BEST FRIEND is right there with you! Pray out loud and talk to Him from your soul, with your soul, because of your soul. Go deep, go real, go home to Him. How will you get more practice praying? What quiet time will you set aside for just Jesus? What times will you pray while you are doing your day? (His day)

These are just some ideas the Lord has laid on my heart. I hope they encourage you to pray more and deeper and with expectancy, reverence and thankfulness. I was at a point, a couple of years ago, where I wanted to get really real about prayer. I was tired of saying the same words every time. So, I started searching my soul…

I knew that the Lord was putting more effort in than I was. That inspired this soul searching and prayer emphasis that I have been meaning to write about. Anyhow, the enemy fought me on it, but I fought back and will keep fighting back. Remember…

We only need to pray on days that we are imperfect.

Lord Jesus,

Thank You for showing me how special my time with You can be. Help me to resist the enemy’s lies that ” it takes too much time” or that “skipping one day won’t matter.” Please accept my imperfect prayer life and use it to guide me as You know I need. I will talk to You later, probably all day while I do this day you gave me. Thank you for being an obedient servant and showing me how to be one. I love You. Amen

Just an idea that was/is a game-changer for me…It is helpful to write out your prayers. For me, it is easier to let go on paper and let my thoughts spill out in ink. It’s also helpful to go back and read the prayers and see how God carried me through and helped me learn! The writer in me loves new journals, but it’s mostly because I love writing about God more than anything:)

I love you all with the love of the Lord. Have a great and prayer-full day!


Copyright 2019-2022 Christina Crute

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