Remain in me, as I also remain in you. … No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me. John 15:4

Good morning! I just came downstairs to do my devotions this morning. I am excited to talk to Jesus and as I sit here, my first thoughts are…I am just going to write what’s on my heart, because, well, Jesus showed me something last night!

John and I went to a concert last night. Mercy Me. In the middle of one song, Bart, the lead singer, stopped singing while the band kept playing. I focused hard on the words we had just sung with them. I honestly do not remember what song it was, because I was just looking up and imagining Jesus looking at all of us there. He was looking at us with so much love, it overwhelmed me! He had, in His eyes, a longing for connection with me, with us. It melted my heart.

Connection. Jesus and I were connected! He, God’s son, the Prince of peace, my friend, my mentor, my SAVIOR…we were connected. I imagined a cord running from me to Him, like an old- fashioned telephone cord. That cord is the direct line from Him to me. He has something to tell me. He wants a constant connection so I can do the job He has for me. My mind was blown. I still cannot get that image of the connection cord out of my mind.

I realized that Jesus wants that connection for EVERY SINGLE SOUL IN THE WORLD! I sensed a sadness that HE does not have that. What could I do to help? AM I helping Him get the connections He gave His life for? Or am I just connected to Him for just me? Why have I never seen this literal connection to Him before?

With the old-style phone cords. you were literally connected to someone by a cord and receiver to your ear. Do we have that direct connection all the time? Are we always waiting for Jesus’ call? Now, more than ever, we need…..

In my earphones, RIGHT NOW, is playing….”Jesus is Calling.” Wow, thank you, Lord. You are way too good to me, to us! What a perfect song for me to hear right now. “Earnestly, tenderly, Jesus is calling.” He is pleading for that connection. Let’s not let the enemy kink the cord or pull the plug out of the wall. The enemy is listening to your conversation and watching your relationship with the Savior.

We have a direct line available to Heaven! That really blows my mind! He has made a way that we can have that direct connection. It is up to us to use whatever gifts God gave us, to help OTHERS get that connection or get a clearer connection. It’s not just about us, though that’s a wonderful gift from God, that relationship.

I do not usually spill the contents of my head directly onto the keyboard, but I felt led to, this morning. There’s no editing or outlining this time. I hope there aren’t too many mistakes and hope I made sense!

Here are some things we can ask ourselves, so that we maintain a good connection to Jesus.

How clearly do we hear Him?

How often do we call Him?

Do we run to Him first with good news?

Do we run to Him first with bad news?

Are we available to His call 24-7?

Who do we know that needs a connection to Jesus?

How can we be a loving friend to them and tell them how sweet phone calls with Jesus are?

Dear Lord,

Thank You for the direct line to the Throne. You overwhelm me with Your desire to have that relationship with me. Please give me words and love and health so I may share what You offer to us all. I will call again soon. I love You.Amen.

Just my thoughts today. With love from the Father to you, have a wonderful weekend!


6 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Beautiful! We all need to know that when we call Him it’s never to early, never to late but right on time. He’s waiting for that call.

    Every opportunity we get we must let some weary soul know Jesus is waiting to hear them and help them.

    Thank you for listening to His voice and nudging us to stay connected to our Lord and Savior.

    Your Sister in Christ Jesus


    1. I apologize for the late response! I am having trouble with getting notified of comments. You are spot on! It is always the right time to call on Him. He is always home! I may use that idea you gave me in a post soon! Love you, sister in Christ!


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