Forgiveness is a Gift-Part One

Happy Blessed New Year to you all! I am excited about a fresh start, a blank slate of a new year! How about you? Thanks for being here! I appreciate you.

Let’s talk about forgiveness, one of the most vital actions, or gifts, to show love to others.

Forgiveness is a gift? It really is! Over the last month, the Lord has been showing me that when we forgive someone for the hurt or treatment they gave us, we have the option to hand them a gift.

Yes, a gift! Actually we can give them FOUR gifts, so allow me to be cheesy, but seriously intent, with the title of this week’s focus…

Four Gift-Ness

When we forgive someone, it starts with an attitude adjustment on our part. Though it’s natural to feel offended by a wrong done to us, sin also feels natural, so the first gift we give someone who, we think, wronged us, is…

CONSIDERATION. Naturally, we may be tempted to dwell on our “right-ness” and the other person’s “wrong-ness.” If we do that, what good can come from it? What if we take a pause and give the situation consideration instead? What does consideration look like?…

We can ask ourselves questions like…Did they really mean to hurt me? Are they hurting in their own life? How can I act differently than I usually do? Just thinking about these considerations is a gift to the other person, similar to opening a door and deciding to consider walking an alternate path, a better path. Here’s what David, in God’s Word, says about right paths.

I gain understanding from your precepts; therefore I hate every wrong path. Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Psalm 119:104-105 NIV

Hate, in the verse above, is a strong word, but what a great idea! Instead of hating the person that offended, we can just hate wrong paths for ourselves. Our better option, is to consider taking the path that is lit by God’s Word and His light. Let’s pray:)

Dear Father, Forgiveness is hard for us sometimes, so would You please help us to act right when wronged? Teach us to consider Your way, plan and will above anything else. Help us to give others the loving gift of consideration. We love You, Lord. Amen

Main Idea…Forgiveness starts with the intent to consider the righteous path. It’s like giving the other person a gift they did not earn. (Like Jesus did for us!)

Four Gift-Ness, Part Two is on Tuesday. See you then! With love from the Father to you, have a great Tuesday!

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