Have you ever known someone to restore an old car? Isn’t it amazing how somebody with the desire and the ability to fix something old or broken, can restore it to its former condition or an even better condition?

It can take years to get that car to look just right and be all that it can possibly be, but the owner of that car doesn’t care how long it takes. They love that car and they don’t mind spending whatever time it takes, because they see its potential.

We are like cars. Seriously. Some of us are old and may be battered or maybe took some wrong turns in life. Maybe we do not look so great or feel great, but you know what? We are all valuable to God.

He knows what potential we have, even if we don’t see it. He planned our potential!

And…He is in the business of restoring souls. Just as it can take years to get a car to reach its maximum potential, it can take a very long time for us to reach the potential that God wants to see in us. It depends on…

…whether we want to be restored. Hmmm…Do we sit still long enough so He can work on us? Or are we going every which way, running on empty?

…whether we want to go, after He has restored our hearts to be brand new. Do we just want to “sit in the garage” thinking we are in pretty good shape? What good are we if God has fixed us so, to speak, and we never want to go further than the garage?

Just as a car needs to be driven to stay healthy, so do we. we need to be driven by the desire to please our restorer. He, God, has a purpose for us! He has restored us so He can take us somewhere.

Psalm 23:3 He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.”

As usual, I choose simple analogies because sometimes they can be powerful. I mean, the gospel really is not that complicated. We have a God that loves us and will do whatever it takes to help us on our journey to him so that we can be with him forever. And that means restoring our souls, so they can accomplish what He purposed for us to do .

So the question for all of is…Are we a willing and working vehicle or just a pretty parked car? The good news is that we get to choose which we want to be.

Let’s choose to be a working vehicle. Then God, in His infinite wisdom will equip us to work for Him. Oh, to be used by God! What a privilege!

We are all “makes and models” and every one of us is equally loved and useful to God. We may have different personalities and gifts, but that’s because He made us that way for His own reasons. We should let Him lead us wherever He wants us to go! (and not be led by the world into thinking looks are all that matter!)

With love from the Father to you, have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Restored

  1. Thanks for your comments. I feel different ways at different times, too! You are spot on about a steadfast faith…it requires a lifetime of learning:)


  2. I like your analogy. Sometimes sitting in the garage or on a quiet street seems safer in comparison, especially when people have mistreated you and broken you, or you’ve broken yourself. Think Doc Hudson, from the movie, Cars. Learning to have complete faith in God to go wherever He calls you is a journey. Some days I relate to Abraham, other days I relate more to Moses, without an Aaron. Still other days, I relate to many other personalities in the Bible; I hope to have my own story of steadfast faith by the end of my time loan here.

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