I Choose You

Happy Saturday! Here is today’s devotion!
March 6, 2021 gloryinthemorning.com

I can’t help but think of how much we owe to the Holy Spirit and His guidance, so today’s devotion is to encourage us all to stop and think on how great He is! He’s a best friend:) He sets our minds on heavenly things when the world vies for our attention.
He cheers us on when we are on the right track and makes us know when we are on the wrong track. He tells us all we need to know or need to hear again. He fills us with all we need. He is totally satisfying!

I choose You, Holy Spirit, forever:)

I Choose You

Freely flowing love is glowing.
Fill Me Lord with Holy Fire.
Make your home a light in me.
Help me do what you desire.

The world can’t fill me though it’s tried.
Dark can’t light a needy soul.
I choose you and you alone ,
For only You can make me whole.

I love you Spirit, Father, Son.
The world has nothing good to give.
I’ll give you glory all my days.
As in your light I’ll daily live.

Love and prayers to all! Have a beautiful day:)

Just me. Just His.


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