Foggy Future

It’s a poetry day:) This poem is about how uncertain our future is. Only God knows what He has in store for us. We can guess, but we will not know for sure, so faith, not fear should be our “weapon” of choice.

a foggy
distance that
beckons meager
mortals to explore.
murky fate that curtains
off whatever lies beyond,
whether potential joy or sure
danger. Hey dreamers, Hey, you
dooms-dayers, So what do you say?
Choose your weapon, faith or fear, and
put an end to your prophecies and begin
your victorious freedom. The key to the future
is opportunity; it turns to the present.
Now, you mortals, be free and walk.
Beyond fog and more
time lies your future ,
but remember…
Your future is
God’s to plan,
yours to desire,
yours to request,
but God’s to grant.

Have a great Wednesday! Love from our Father to you,


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