Love, Love, Love

Love, Others, Green Leaves, Watercolor

We use the word, “love” on just about everything, don’t we? Why? Maybe it is because we feel a stirring in our hearts so we just automatically call it love? We love God, our friends and our family. But…we tend to love things ,too. Hmmm…Should we be doing that so much…saying we love THINGS? We say we love our houses, cars, clothes , books, cookies, movies and food, to name a few. Don’t laugh, but I sort of feel like I should reserve the word “love” for God and people. It’s just that I feel God deserves a more special word than chocolate earns. And I do like chocolate a whole, whole bunch! As usual, let’s go to the Bible, the authority on love, for answers. What does the Bible say love is?

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. 1 John 4:10-11 (NIV)

According to these verses and the rest of this chapter, love is a feeling that causes selfless action. God loved us, so He did something about it. He acted out of love. We are to love each other the same way, by acting it out. Time to step on my own toes…when I say I love someone, does it cause me to act it out? If I do not act on my love, is it really love at all?

Anyone can say. “I love you,” but do we or do they act on it? Where is the evidence of that love? Jesus is the evidence of God’s love!

So, to do more acting out of love…Do I look for opportunities to help those who are down? I Am I easily available to others whenever they need help? Do I love strangers, too? Do I sacrifice anything, like the verses say? Or do I only give out of my abundance, things I do not need?

God gave His Son, which He only had ONE of! Jesus was the most valuable thing He had. We are not that selfless, but it might be good to give something that means a lot to us, when we want to show someone the love of God. Just thinking what I may need to do…

*Note to self…keeping it real…I have extra jewelry that I don’t wear…could I sell it and donate the money to Salvation Army so they have more money to feed the poor and hungry? What will it feel like to give away something of value to me?

My momma had a favorite song…one of many…that said…”I can never, never out-love the Lord.” She always told me though…it is fun to try! That was her way of telling us kids that we should always aim to love as much as we can, even though we cannot do better than God did in loving us.

Not acting out our love is kind of like being so happy that we have a light but never using it to help someone in the dark. What good is it if you have the ability to help others but don’t do it? Ouch!

I hope you have been well-loved by others. Let us do the same , well-love on people. Loving actions are a way of leaving a little piece of Jesus everywhere you go. Yeah, let’s do that:)

With much love from the Father to you all. Can I just tell you how much I love you? I pray for your hearts along with my own, that we will do a good job of loving others with our actions.


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