Free photo: Yellow and Pink Flowers View Behind Broken Glass - Bloom,  Blossom, Broken - Free Download - Jooinn

This picture of beautiful flowers surrounded by brokenness caught my attention. Do you sometimes feel “broken?” I do. I wonder that God still loves me even though I seem so weak in trials. That is the point though! It is a good thing to know we are broken, weak, misguided, without Him. Then we know we HAVE to depend on Him.

This is meant to be a positive devotion, because, you know what? God sees what we can become, very clearly, even with all of our brokenness. He knows His own wisdom and strength so He KNOWS He can make something beautiful of our lives if we just allow Him. He can do anything! He tells us to bring it all to Him and He will make us like Him. Apparently, he can turn trash into treasure. Bad joke, but I hope you get that we are all broken in a way, imperfect. That just serves to give Him glory He so rightly deserves, when He gives us a new start, a new growth, or “bloom.”


Bring to me your broken self,
sick and ill of heart.
Bring to me your troubles,
But don’t come to me in part.

Give me all of you,
everything you hold.
Bring me all you’re tired of.
Come into the fold.

And I will make you new,
take away your burdens and your sin,
make in you my likeness deep within.
And I will restore you.
Broken’s not your name anymore.
You are my bloom.

© Copyright 2021 Christina Crute

Have a great day in the Lord and bloom like the new creation you are in Him. Love and prayers to all,


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