The Secret to Peace

We all need peace, don’t we? Sometimes peace is hard for me to find. You? I have trouble finding peace sometimes because I try and figure everything out myself before asking for the Lord’s help. Silly me! I guess it’s just in our nature to try to do things on our own, huh? However, the secret to peace lies in NOT depending solely on ourselves. The secret to peace is simple, actually…look up and depend on someone else, our Father! And KEEP looking up for perfect peace.

Many times just looking at the sky is enough to remind me that I am looking at where peace comes from. I am looking in the direction of my Savior and future home. That brings so much peace! Whatever we go through here on earth, it will be worth it all. The more we look up and trust Jesus, the more peace we will have!

With love from the Father to you,


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